Adult Classes


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– Adult General Class –
Classes for beginners and improvers who want to work on their technique.

6.15pm – Monday Evenings


– Adult Inter Advanced –
A fast paced class that suits those comfortable with centre work and allegro.  Pointe shoes at teachers discretion only.

7.15pm – Monday Evenings


– Adult Improvers –
A class for those who already have the basics who want the challenge of more complicated barre exercises and centre enchainment.

9.30am – Thursday Mornings


– Over 55s Ballet –
 Great fun general class for those who have danced before and beginners too.  A little less emphasis on allegro to save those joints!  Very strengthening.

11.45am – Monday Daytimes


Thinking of starting back after a break or never danced before?…

Not danced since you were 11 years old?
(re-live the passion you felt!)
Never danced but would like to try something new?
(it’s great for strengthening the body and reducing stress!)
Tights and leotard put you off?
(there’s no need, gym clothes will do just fine!)

We’ll do some warm up exercises, a ballet barre ( for those who don’t know that’s excercises where you can hold on for balance) and just a small amount of centre work (general/improvers does have some allegro – jumping exercises).

It’s great for balance, posture, physical strength and will be a little aerobic, all to beautiful music. A great stress release!  Remember you don’t need to wear ballet clothes if you haven’t got any.  Gym clothes/leggings and t-shirt will do but socks are necessary if you haven’t got ballet shoes.  (For those who are keen you can get some from about £8.00 – no need to spend of fortune)

Any questions please ask.


– Adult Tap –
General Class – suitable for beginners
 10.30am – Monday Mornings (55mins)

General Class
5.55pm – Thursday teatimes (55mins)

8.30pm – Monday Evenings

In these fun, relaxed classes we’ll be tap dancing to a selection of pop music and great music from musicals to get the heart pumping and the feet tapping.  I’ve created some great routines for all levels.  General class will be taken at a steady pace.  Advanced class we are dancing some syllabus but also learning some routines of my own and follow some by Sarah Reich.

It’s great for balance, posture, physical strength and is aerobic too.  Lots of fun!

All classes are held at Ferring Village Hall.

There are a few free parking spaces at the Village Hall and free on street parking close by.

£6.00 (all adult classes are drop-in classes)

For more information please contact me on 07814 977929

or email me on


6 thoughts on “Adult Classes

  1. Hilary would you ever do an adult contemporary lyrical class I would love it and I’m sure it would be popular please nowhere does one x

  2. Hi Hilary, just wanted to double check if the adult classes still ran on a Monday evening, and if it was ok just to turn up? Thanks!

  3. Are you running your tap class for beginners/improvers on Monday mornings?
    If so can I just turn up and what time please?

    With thanks,
    Ivan Mitchell

  4. Hi there,

    I am really keen to get back into ballet & tap. I used to be a semi professional dancer until I suffered with many injuries. I haven’t danced for about 5 years. I just wanted to find out a little more information. Do you think I would be ok with advanced ballet class on a Monday evening? & also the advanced tap class? I also wondered what syllabus you follow? Is it ISTD or RAD? What is the average age of the people in the class?

    Many thanks, Rhi Maylin

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