Children’s Classes

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Fairy Ballerina Babies – 18 months to (and including) 3 years


9.45 – 10.15am


11.15 – 11.45am

A fun and positive way to introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of ballet and dance. There will be plenty of make believe, nursery rhymes, ballet music and dressing up. An active way to play and a creative way to learn a little concentration and co-ordination!

No uniform is required for this class.

Fairy Ballerinas – 3-4 years


10.20 – 11am  


1.20 – 2pm 


9 – 9.45am

Little ones will now join in class on their own as parents sit at the back for moral support. A lovely, fun class where little ones will point their toes and learn some basic ballet and self discipline but also trying to balance this with teaching them the joy of make believe and movement whilst having fun.

There is no uniform required for this class but ballet shoes are advised.

(Beginners) Ballet 1 – (school age) 4 – 6 years

THURSDAYs 3.45pm

SATURDAYs 9.45am

A fun and creative class where children start to learn ballet technique. Although we are working to a syllabus the emphasis is on the enjoyment of movement and musicality. There’s also optional dressing up in my home-made tutus, fairy wings and wands when they learn a dance or have a creative exercise.

Ballet shoes are required for this class.

Parents sit at the back of class during the lesson.

Ballet 2 – 6 – 8 year olds

SATURDAYs 10.30am

Taught with the emphasis on fun and creativity but this group are working towards their first in house exam (optional) so have to have self control.  We are now learning our first barre exercises. Children will be developing their knowledge of basic ballet technique working on posture, strength and balance (Grade 1 RAD exercises and some of my own). Optional in house exams.  Annual performances on Ferring Village Hall stage.

There is no set uniform for this class but leotards, socks or tights and ballet shoes are required. Children’s hair must be tied back from the face.

Parents sit at the back of class during the lesson.

Ballet 3  – 7 – 9 year olds

SATURDAYs 11.30am

Children learning Grade 2 RAD exercises with some of my own. They are now getting used to discipline and control in class but with plenty of time to have fun as they learn. Optional in house exams and annual performances on Ferring Village Hall stage.

Parents sit at the back of class during the lesson.


Ballet 4 – 10 – 13 year olds
Saturdays 12.30

Children learning Grade 3 RAD exercises with some of my own.  Students are now learning more difficult technique so need good concentration skills.  A fun and supportive but hard working class.  There are end of term choreography opportunities, optional in house exams and annual performances on Ferring Village Hall stage.

Leotards and ballet shoes are required.

Parents sit at the back of class during the lesson.

Lyrical – Contemporary – 10 – 14 year olds
THURSDAYs 4.40pm

This is a ballet/modern/contemporary dance hybrid class.  We are creating lyrical and contemporary dances to perform at our showcase.  Suitable for students with previous dance experience.

Dancewear required for this class.

Parents can choose to either sit at the back of class or leave their children.

Performance Group – Coming Soon!

**COMING SOON!**  A chance to learn a solo/duet/trio and perform it.  This is a trial group and spaces offered will initially be via invitation only.





18 months to 4 years (preschool) @ £3.50 PER CLASS

4 years (school age) upwards @ £4.00 PER CLASS

Lyrical – £4,00 per class rising to £4.50 per class after Easter

Performance Group – £4.50 per class

(If your child joins part way through the term the fees will be pro rata’d)

All classes are held at Ferring Village Hall

A few spaces are available in Ferring Village Hall and there is free on street parking available nearby.

Fairy Ballerinas last day of termLotte 1 (4)







IMG_3822 (2) Ballet 1 tutus



81 thoughts on “Children’s Classes

  1. Hello Hilary. I am inquiring as to whether there would be a place for my daughter, Lissy to start Fairy Ballerinas on a Thursday in September. She will be nearly 3 1/2 by then. Her friend of the same age has also expressed interest.
    Keri Hawke

  2. Hi Hilary, I’m enquiring about your ballet classes for my now 5 year old and soon to be 4 year old (dec 3rd)
    Could you let me know if u have space and they can do your thurs class at 345pm after school and is it just ballet shoes required or a whole outfit former this class?
    Many thanks
    Charlotte (mother if Isabelle and DaisyMay)

  3. Hi Hilary, would you have any spaces left for my daughter for your 11.15 class on Thursday?
    Thanks Sam

  4. Hi Hilary. My daughter will be 18 months old on 2nd Dec, and I was wondering if you had any spaces left on the session on a Thursday at 11:15 Fairy Ballerina babies? We will probably begin in the new year.

    Many Thanks

  5. Hi Hilary, I was hoping that you may have space on your Saturday class at 9am for my 3.5 half year old?



  6. Hi Hillary. I would like to bring my daughter on a thurs. She is 2 3/4. Can I come along to try a class pleas? Thanks. Fiona

  7. Hi Hilary, I am interested in the Fairy Ballerina class for my daughter Lola who will be 3 in January. Do you offer a trial class for her to try? Many thanks

    • Hi Andrea

      Thank you for the enquiry. My Fairy Ballerinas classes are both full at the moment so I have a handful of children on a waiting list. I always suggest that you try just one class at £3.50 to see whether little one likes it. I will reply in full to your email address. Hilary

  8. Hi am interested in your fairy ballerina class for my daughter who is 2.5 years old and wondered if there was a space if not would she be able to go on the waiting list? Many thanks

  9. Hi ,
    Just confirming everything’s ok for me to bring Isabelle and DaisyMay to Thursdays class please? Just confirming your location too- are you situated by the pottery place near shops? Just down from ferring country centre? Thank you

    • Hi Charlotte, yes I’ve got them booked in at 3.45pm Beginners Ballet. We’re just north of the potter place and next to The Co-Op and Symonds Reading estate agents on Ferring Street. Don’t go onto Rife Way towards Ferring Country Centre.

  10. Hi, my name’s Jazzy, i’m 12 years old and i help run baby ballet classes at st pauls on a tuesday xx I’m looking to help out at more baby ballet classes as i want to own my own dance boarding school when i’m older and would love more experience x I’m working towards my melody bear teaching award but don’t have it to show just yet,
    I hope there is something i can help with as i would love to be involved x

    • Hi Jazzy, thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately I am not in need of any help so cannot offer you any work experience at the moment but I wish you the very best of luck with your teaching award. Hilary x

  11. Hello Hillary,

    I am interested in the Tuesday Ballet classes for my 3 year old. Please can you advise when they will be available?

    Many thanks


  12. Hi Hilary,

    Our three year old daughter is extremely excited about the possibility of joining your Tuesday morning class.. Would it be possible to sign her up please?

    Many thanks


  13. Hi

    My twin girls turn 3 in July so would you have space to take them in your Saturday ballet class when it runs (is September the new term?)

  14. Hello, could I please add my daughter to your waiting list for your Saturday 9am class? Roughly what is the wait? Thankyou. Denise

  15. Hi there. Looking for a space or trial for my 22 month old. He might like to try first. Could you let me know if I could come to a class. He may need a super Cape! Thank you

  16. Hi Hilary, my daughter is 4, we are really keen to try the Saturday morning 9am class is you have availability?

  17. Hi there,

    I was wondering if there would be space for my little girl to start ballet classes in September?
    I’d be interested in the Thursday fairy ballerina babies class. She’ll be 22.5 months in September.

    Thank you.

  18. Hi hilary,

    We spoke this morning in the ballet class (which my daughter holly loved by the way) and I mentioned about my other daughter Lily who is 2 years old joining the thursday morning class at 11.15. If there is a space she would love to take part please. If you need any other details please let me know. Thanks

  19. Please can we go on your waiting list for Tuesday am – my daughter Alba Rose is 18 months.
    Kindest regards

  20. Hi
    Do you have spaces on your Thursday at 1.20 lessons? My 3 year old daughter is desperate to do ballet!
    Thank you

  21. Hi Hilary, would you be able to tell me what your waiting list is like on Tuesdays for the fairy ballerina babies please.
    Many thanks,
    Lauren Fray

  22. Hello, could my 2 year old and I be added to the waiting list for the Tuesday morning class, please? Thank you.

  23. Hello I would like to register my daughter for classes.. She will be 3 in July and would like her to start the term after her third birthday.. Is it possible to reserve a place for the say tirade morning session
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Katie x

  24. Hi Hillary,
    I’m enquiring about ballet/dance class for my nearly 3yr old because of the reassurance I know she’ll need I thought the ballerina babies class would be beneficial. I see your Tuesday morning class is full, is this still the case ? If so can she be put on the waiting list pls. Thanks Jane x

  25. Hi please would it be possible to put my daughter name on the wait list for your fairy ballerina babies class on a Thursday morning please.
    Mia Chloe Franks

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Elisa Franks

  26. Hi Hilary, my daughter was 3 in August and is interested in trying out a ballet class. Would it be possible to put her on the waiting list for a Tuesday class? Many thanks, Sam

  27. Please could you let me know if you still have a space on a Thursday pls for Fairy Ballerinas. Thanks

  28. Hi Hilary, my daughter, husband and I are moving to Ferring on Aug the 11th and are really interested in getting Poppy signed up for the tuesday morning class, she is 2yrs and 3 months. She did Rockabubz for over a year but lost interest so we love her to have something new to try. Many thanks.

    Lindsey Chapple.

  29. Hi Hilary,
    My daughter is 2 1/2 and I’m interested in the Thursday class which I’m assuming will be the fairy ballerina babies class….would it be possible to join the waiting list if there are no places available?

    Emma Walker

  30. Please could you advise if I can book my daughter Rose (21 months) onto next term as I see your fully booked for this term! Would be grateful for a response 🙂 and if you could also advise of how the terms run?

    Kind Regards


  31. Hi
    I’m interested in the Thursday afternoon class for my daughter Nancy.
    She’s turning 3 on 14th March and I’m sure would love your class.
    Please let me know if I can bring her along for a taster session.
    Many thanks

  32. Hello my 4.5yr old is keen to learn ballet. I see your classes are full. Is it possible to put us on the Thursday 3.45pm class please? Her name is Kate Dinneen.

  33. Hi Hilary,
    My daughter Laila would like to return to ballet. (She came to your classes from 2.5 to 3 years). She is now 5 and the Thursday after school class would suit us best. Please can you let me know if you have space or add her to the waiting list?

    Many thanks,

  34. Hi Hillary,
    My Daughter Daisy (who is now 5) is interested in beginners (ballet 1) Saturday 9.45, she used to do fairy ballerina on a Thursday,
    I see your session is full and you’ve got a waiting list but I’d like to have her name added to it please.
    If you could get back to me with regard to possible time of wait I’d appreciate it.
    Jane 🙂

  35. Hi
    I was wondering if you could pop my 18 month old twins on the Thursday waiting list?
    Many Thanks

  36. Hi can I put Ellie Cowdrey/ Felton name down please for the Saturday class she is 6 in September

  37. Hello Hilary, just wondering if you could put my daughter, Sofia ( age two and half!) on your waiting list, for the Thursday fairy ballerina , we’d love to join! Thank you Amanda .x

  38. Hello do you have 2 spaces available for my twins on Thursday at 1.20 Please. Many thanks

  39. Hello I have two daughters aged 4 and 5 both at school ( in reception and year one ) please could we go on your waiting list for either the Thursday or Saturday, thank you.

  40. Hi there,
    My daughter turns 6 in December but would love to do ballet but I see that your class on a Saturday morning is full.
    I was wondering if she could go on the waiting list and how long the list is?

    Thanks in advance,

  41. Hi Hilary, I am writing to ask if my daughter, Florence, can be added to the waiting list for the fairy Ballerina babies class. She is just 20 months old.

    Kind Regards


  42. Hi, do you have any Tuesday morning spaces available for a 3.5 year old total beginner??

    Many thanks

  43. Hello,
    I would like to enquire if there’s any space in the Thursday class for my daughter who turns 2 next week. She loves music & dancing, I think she would really enjoy the class.
    Thank you for your help

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