Putting it quite simply, I love to dance, I love to teach and I love living in Sussex by the sea!

I started ballet class when I was  three years old but was far too interested in swinging on the ballet barres at my godmother’s dance studios than actually trying to learn anything.  So back I went at four years old with a little more concentration and a tummy full of excitable butterflies and that was it, I was hooked!  I was a fairy, a ballerina, Little Miss Muffet, a mouse!  A world of imagination and beautiful music was opened up to me with a little bit of discipline thrown in without me even realising it.  I was a very happy girl.  I went on to learn ballet, tap, modern, jazz, contemporary and national dance and take advanced exams in many of them.  During this time I also danced in a cabaret to get my provisional equity card.  I went on to study at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and performed professionally as a contemporary dancer and also taught and choreographed before regrettably having to give up due to injury.

Then came the office years in fundraising, events and sales but never satisfied and always distracted I was drawn back to my first love and decided to teach again.  And what a wonderful decision I made.  Dance makes me happy and I love sharing my passion for dance and teaching others how to walk that little bit taller and feel good about themselves.

I teach adults from 18 yrs to well over 80 yrs old and children from 18 months old.  Take a look!

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your biography and love your passion. Keep excitment in your adult classes, they always need moral support if they have never danced before. Keep dicipline in your children’s classes, it will pay off when they become dancers. I will follow your posts.

    • Thank you, I am so privileged to be teaching both children and adults and so many keep coming back for more! I must be doing something right! I’m having fun and I can’t wait for each class, it makes my heart sing. It’s a joy to see improvement and to inspire the young and the young at heart alike! I’ve just got to keep it fresh, keep preparing good classes with great music and have just enough discipline for children to learn properly but also enough fun for little ones to help the art of ballet and dance capture their hearts and create a life long passion.

  2. Hi interested in girls fairy ballet party and classes for 2 year old and more realistically the 3 half year old

  3. Hello, I would like my 3.5 years old to join your classes. Could you please let me know if we could go on a waiting list if no spaces now. Thank you.

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