What People Say…

Here are some quotes from people who have attended class.


I walked in feeling naff and walked out feeling fab! Thank YOU, your classes are superb! Xxx – Jo S

I clunked about in my first ballet lesson in 44 years and thoroughly enjoyed Hilary’s expertise. What a lovely teacher…despite being very rusty and clumsy I will be back (at the back of the corps de ballet too!!!) Thank you, Hilary! And the friendly Thursday morning class too! Angela P

Class is always brilliant but tonight was amazing 🙂 felt i had a great workout and am getting stronger 🙂 thank you always Hilary xx Vicki S

Thank you so much for such a lovely first class, it was the friendliest, best class I’ve ever done and will be great for my posture and strength even if I will never look graceful x Vanessa M

Love the new Port de Bras and the music! Lost myself a little! Was there anyone else dancing with me? I was on a stage somewhere performing 😊  Gillie A


*Ballet 2, 7 year old*  had her ballet performance this morning.  I could not be more proud of her and all the other girls.  They danced so beautifully and made us all shed a few tears.  Hilary Thomas you are the best teacher and the girls are very lucky.

Thank you for all your hard work Hilary putting on the show (Summer Showcase).  It was a great morning and so proud of the ballerinas!  I’m the proudest mummy, I can’t believe my shy *Fairy Ballerina, 3 yr old* got on stage and loved it! I think the glitter helped! x

*Ballet 1, 4 yr old*  has been in her tutu since 12.30pm telling me she just wants to make sure she is ready (to move up to the next class).  She’s very excited to start back.

Thank you so much for a lovely concert (Summer Showcase). *Fairy Ballerina, 3 yr old*  loved it!  It was lovely to see her so confident at the front of the stage.  Well done! xxxxx

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